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   Project ReCreation Institute

            (Summer Program)


Many of our nation’s teens are not maturing into adults who make a positive contribution to our society.  West Coast Edutainment was created in 2009 to help teens reach their worthy “Lifestyle” and “Purpose in Life” goals.  West Coast Edutainment is conducting the “Project ReCreation Institute” to guide “at-risk” teens in acquiring attributes to become successful, contributing adults.


It will include 30 hours of intensive summer sessions (from 10 - 12) and monthly support sessions during the school year.  Project ReCreation’s 12 lessons focus on: beliefs, attitudes, values, perceptions, and skills that help teens: do well in school, prepare for education or training after high school, become fully employed, and become an asset to their community. 
















Eleven songs were written and recorded for the program.  The music, video, and other forms of entertainment capture teen’s attention and are used to guide teens in acquiring the session’s content. 


A budget of $25,000 will provide 30 teens with stipends (financial gifts for participating), meals, and materials.  West Coast Edutainment has previously conducted four Project ReCreation pilot projects which resulted in positive outcomes (see our "Pilot Projects" page). 

Summer Application

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