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Individuals can purchase a single online lesson or the 12 lesson package.  A single lesson is $7.99 (a month) and the 12 lesson package is $74.99 (a year).  To order

The group or organization discount rate for online classes is $1,495 (plus tax) per facilitator / teacher. 

This allows access to the program for a year (audio, video, and about 120 pages of handouts)

up to 100 participants each.  To order


To purchase Project ReCreation Workbooks and thumb drive, send the

following information to: or call (760) 964-1445


1. The number of workbooks (20 or 35 workbooks) 

2. The grade level  (1st - 4th, 5th - 8th, or 9th - 12th grade)

3. The number of sets of workbooks.

4.  The name and email address to receive your order invoice

5.  Your intended method of payment?

Please put "Purchase" in the subject line of your email.


                        20 Participant Workbook Package includes:

1.  20 Project ReCreation Participant Workbooks (1st - 4th, 5th - 8th, or 9th - 12th grade)

2.  A Project ReCreation Facilitator Workbook, and

3.  A USB thumb drive (11 original Project Recreation songs and 40 original Project ReCreation Videos)

This package is currently discounted at only $995 (plus tax)

                           35 Participant Workbook Package is only $1,595 (plus tax)

it includes the 35 Participant Workbooks, a Facilitator Workbook and a USB thumb drive 

There is a $25 replacement fee for thumb drives.

Participant Workbook  This is a 410-page workbook of exercises, activities, projects, and information that helps guide 

the participant into a better understanding of the 12 core lessons. 

Facilitator Workbook  541 pages of additional exercises, directions, lesson plans with Common Core English standards, and answer keys.

Project ReCreation USB thumb drive

11 songs with a Hip Hop, R&B sound.  We use music as a textbook 

40 videos with youth actors and youth sharing their keys to success....

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Contact Dr. McKinney for updates and additional details (760) 964-1445

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