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     Project ReCreation is a program designed to address the non-academic barriers to success, such as counter-productive beliefs, attitudes, values, perceptions, and behaviors (BAV-PB).  Once these barriers are addressed, removed or minimized, academic achievement and success can increase.


      Project ReCreation materials were specifically developed for the purpose of “ReCreation” through “Edutainment.”  The program helps youth “ReCreate” their minds (BAV-PB) through "Edutainment" (music, video, drama, and dance).  Music and video serve as textbooks.  Discussion, projects, exercises, and activities serve as learning tools.


     The Project ReCreation program is built on: "best practices" (research-based teaching methods), the SCANS report (employability skills),  Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill), "7 Habits of Highly Effective People / Teens" (Stephen and Sean Covey), the "40 Developmental Assets.” (Search Institute), and 

R.E.S.T. (Dr. Rick McKinney, Sr.).


10 Key Features

1. Youth in video sharing their personal experiences and what they learned 

2. Videos contain youth engaged in activities youth find very interesting

3. Music, video, discussion, and project-based (engaging avenues)

4. Hands-on projects (project-based learning)

5. Discussion and interaction on relevant topics (dealing with challenges)

6. Character development and moral education

7. Educating through entertainment (music, drama, and dance)

8. Systematic approach to non-academic skills necessary for successful adulthood

9. Very user-friendly (designed for easy implementation) and fun

10. In sync with Common Core curriculum and English Language Arts standards

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