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Project ReCreation - Lesson Titles, Objectives, and Songs
                     Click on the arrow across from the title to play the song clip

Project ReCreation uses original music (arrows to the right), video, and other art forms to assist 

youth in identifying their goals and attaining the tools to achieve their goals.


1   ReCreation * -  Students embrace self improvement, their "dream lifestyle," and "comfortable lifestyle"  ​

2.  Purpose in Life* - Students develop a view of their purpose in life and develop purpose goals

3.  I Can Be* - Students develop the belief in reaching their goals whatever they are.

4.  Motivation to Flow* - Students begin to better understand motivation and what motivates them

5.  Triumph out of Tragedy* - Students develop the idea of success despite problems

6.  Reach* - Students develop an understanding of their resources to succeed and to reach for them

7.  Perceptions* - Students develop and understanding of the role of perceptions in success

8   Does your Heart Have Room* - Students develop an understanding of sharing and its importance

9   Understanding REST I* - Students see their role in the process of self-improvement and personal growth

10  Understanding REST II -  Students further understand how to gain more positive behaviors

11. Success and the System* - Students gain an understanding of how systems work

12. Mirror Mirror* - Students attain personal characteristics necessary for growth, success and achieving

their desired goals



Click on the arrow across from the lesson to play the song 


* song and music video



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