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About the Founder

The founder/director, Dr. Ricardo J. McKinney, II. is uniquely prepared to assist our youth in “ReCreation” (make new beliefs, attitudes, values...) through “Edutainment” (education through entertaining / artistic avenues).  He began his career of service at the San Diego Urban League and Planned Parenthood.  Later he worked for the Department of Defense and ran a Drama Club for 10 years.  Hundreds of performances in five states focused on significant social issues and personal growth.


Dr. McKinney earned a Bachelors of Art in Theology (Oakwood University), a Masters in Special Education (University of Miami), and a Doctorate in Special Education and Psychology (University of Michigan).  He has taught disabled and non-disabled students from Kindergarten through 12th grade in Florida, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and California.  Professor McKinney has taught at various universities and served as Special Education Department Chair at Chapman University College


Teens we work with understand our message and mission and share their experiences to help others.
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