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Dear friends,


West Coast Edutainment Inc. conducted the "Project ReCreation Institute".  It was a training program for teens we conducted during the summer of 2018 and it spanned the 2018-19 school year.  The Restoration Center hosted the institute.  We are looking forward to conducting another institute in the near future.


We have a goal of raising $27,000 to support the program.  The funds will be used to:

     1.  provide a stipend for each youth who completes the summer training

     2.  provide youth with a meal for the 15 program days of the summer,

     3.  provide a stipend for youth participation in the follow-up training during the school year, and

     4.  participant materials.


Your donation to West Coast Edutainment Non Profit is tax deductible and donors of $100 or more will receive a gift.


For a receipt for your taxes and or your gift, we need your addresses.  Click the donate button.  Put your email address in the "Write a Note"  section.  Enter your physical address and click "Share My  Mailing Address".  Allow 10 days to process your donation.  



We need and greatly appreciate your support.  Please donate now.

Dr. Ricardo J. McKinney II.





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